I should start writing a regular segment titled “On the Chopping Block this Week.” While Congress’ hands seem to be tied, the President surely doesn’t have the same problem with overturning policies from the Obama Administration.  This week was no exception, with the release of Trump’s Executive Order on Energy Independence and Interior Secretary Zinke’s related Secretarial Order 3349.

While my renewable energy friends ponder the fate of climate change policies and the Clean Power Plan, bugs and bunny lovers (and haters too!) should take note of the Orders’ call to review (and most likely rescind) Obama’s natural resources mitigation policies. Check out this analysis by a few of my fish and wildlife colleagues for great insights into the Orders’ impact on USFWS/NMFS and ESA mitigation policies.

The first 100 days certainly have been a wild ride so far, but I may just get whiplash from all of these policy changes!