The California High-Speed Rail Authority (“CHSRA”) issued a press release with the status of its construction work for the high-speed rail project (the “Project”) at seven active sites in the Central Valley.  Many of the Project’s segments in Madera and Fresno are beginning to see development; the foundation has been established in several sections, rebar cages to form columns have been tied, and steel and concrete girders to rebuild the Tuolumne Street Bridge have been put into place.

The CHSRA’s realignment of State Route 99 from Clinton to Ashlan, is also underway to make way for the Project.  As of March 31, 2016, the Finance and Audit Committee announced that the CHSRA has acquired 28 properties along State Route 99 through negotiated contracts or stipulated orders of possession.  As of the last Finance and Audit Committee in May 2016, an additional 16 properties still need to be acquired by the CHSRA to complete the realignment of State Route 99.  

 Check out the High-Speed Rail Authority’s website to access more information about each of the projects.