Last month, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (“CDFW”) issued notice that it will begin accepting electronic notifications for all Lake and Streambed Alteration Standard Agreements (Cal. Fish & Game Code § 1600 et seq.) effective August 1, 2020.  This move to online applications is part of a broader effort by CDFW to go paperless.

CDFW will accept notifications for Standard Agreements through its new online Environmental Permit Information Management System (“EPIMS”).  CDFW will continue to accept paper notifications through August 2020, but all applications received on or after September 1, 2020 will be processed via EPIMS.  CDFW believes that using EPIMS will streamline the permitting process and make it more efficient by providing access anywhere internet is available, for submittal of supplemental information, calculation of permit fees, electronic signatures, automated email alerts and reminders, and applicant tracking of permit progress.

CDFW will continue to accept paper notifications for other agreement types, such as Master, Gravel/Sand/Rock Extraction, Routine Maintenance, and Timber Harvesting) until further notice.