After the California Senate Appropriations Committee cancelled an August 13 hearing on AB 972 (see August 8 post), the Committee moved the bill to the suspense file to take up again this Thursday, August 16.  The bill would place a moratorium on fracking in the state until the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) implements regulations governing the practice.  Fracking is not currently tracked under state law, but in March of this year DOGGR asked well operators to voluntarily report their fracking activities to a disclosure registry, FracFocus.

The Committee’s analysis of AB 972 estimates that the ban would result in up to $9 million in delayed revenue to the state relating to tideland oil wells.  Also in the suspense file and scheduled for hearing on Thursday is a bill requiring disclosure of fracking activities and chemicals, AB 591 (See May 8 post).

Co-Authored by Michael N. Mills and Robin B. Seifried.