On September 14, 2017, Senate Bill 774 (“SB 774”) was ordered inactive on request of Assembly Member Calderon.  The bill, which proposed creation of the new California Toxic Substances Board (“CTS Board”), will not become law this session, and we will continue to monitor this legislation if it becomes active again during the next legislative session.

Previously the bill was amended in July 2017 to delete a section of the bill that would have allowed the new CTS Board to adopt or amend relevant regulations.  Under the revised version of SB 774, the CTS Board is not permitted to adopt regulations and is no longer authorized to draft, review, or update hazardous waste management plans.  Gov. Code § 24179 (proposed).  These amendments to the bill are seen as a weakening of the measure because they narrow the proposed CTS Board’s jurisdiction and authority.  Industry groups continue to oppose the bill, though, stating that the CTS Board will continue to have too much authority, even with the new amendments.  We will continue to monitor this legislation as it makes its way through the Legislature.  Here’s our original post:Continue Reading Update on a Prior Post: SB 774 is Tabled for the Legislative Session; No Toxic Substances Board