Two Republican State Assemblymen (Jim Patterson, R-Fresno and Frank Bigelow, R-O’Neals) submitted a request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on Tuesday for an investigation into the California High Speed Rail Authority’s (“Authority”) appraisal process, assessment of land values, and the role of private contractors in the Authority’s acquisition of 356 parcels in the Central Valley.  Construction of the first leg of the high-speed rail is scheduled for this fall and the Authority has made several offers to landowners as part of the eminent domain process.  A private firm has also been hired to assist homeowners and businesses in the relocation process.  The request by the lawmakers seeks to ensure that the Authority has policies in place that will allow landowner’s to appeal the property values assessed to their land.


If the audit committee approves the request, the audit will not be completed until after construction has begun. 


For more information about the audit, please visit:  Joint Legislative Audit Committee website.