The California High Speed Rail Authority’s (the “Authority”) Board of Directors unanimously voted on Wednesday to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement for the Fresno to Bakersfield alignment of the high-speed rail project (the “Project”) and approve the selected alignment.  Click HERE for a map of the approved alignment.  The Federal Railroad Administration and the Surface Transportation Board will now review the Project, and if approved, issue a Record of Decision under the National Environmental Policy Act.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the Board also agreed to commit up to $35 million to the San Joaquin Valley APCD to offset the anticipated  pollution from the construction of the Merced to Bakersfield alignment that was approved two years ago.

The litigation over the Authority’s sale of $8.6 billion in bonds is still pending before the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento.  The Authority’s appeal of the Superior Court ruling will be heard at the end of the month.